Teen Acting Auditions – 10 Ways To Impress A Casting Director & Feel Good After The Audition

Have you ever gone into an audition and thought to yourself I should have come in better prepared? Every I know, who is involved in auditioning for theater, has voiced this to me over the years. There are some very simple procedures that will allow you to come out of every audition feeling as if you have done your best. From my experience, this is all an actor can expect of his or herself. It should be the focus of any audition you attend. Here are the ten things to keep in mind for that feel good experience after each audition. Make them a habit. Follow them each time and you will feel like a winner, whether or not you get the part.

  • Become familiar and learn a much as possible about the audition requirements before going to the audition, then practice, practice, practice.
  • Choose age appropriate monologues and audition songs, if required.
  • Make eye contact and greet the panel warmly as soon as you enter the audition room.
  • Smile, relax and be yourself.
  • If you are singing, go directly to the accompanist with your clearly marked music and if you need to instruct them as to the tempo, sing a few bars softly…do not snap your fingers.
  • Introduce yourself and the material you will be performing in a confident, clear voice.
  • Memorize the names of the composers or playwrights who authored your selections.
  • Pause in between pieces, but practice before hand to stay within the allotted amount of time, if there is one.
  • Be sure to understand the play from which a monologue or song is chosen in the event the director asks you questions about the show.
  • Thank the panel when you finish your pieces, smile and pause briefly for any additional instructions from them, but do not linger in the room.

Keep in mind that every audition, in reality, is a job interview and that you are being observed from the minute you walk into the audition room. Take the opportunity each time to demonstrate not only your , but your personal characteristics. Let your personality shine through, and remember that the director and audition panel are not there to judge you harshly. They are there to do their job, which is to cast a show to the best of their ability. Learn to take auditioning in stride, as this is part of an actors life. If you decide to work professionally, it is something you will be experiencing for a long, long time. Take it seriously, but have some fun, too. Break a leg!

Source by Beverly Stone


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