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Blumhouse Body-Swapping Thriller

Every once in a while, the movie gods bless us with a concept so wacky that it’s hard to resist. Such is the case with a new Blumhouse body-swapping thriller from Happy Death Day director Chris Landon. The untitled film will find Vince Vaughn playing a serial killer who swaps bodies with a teenage girl, played by Kathryn Newton. Just to clarify: that means Vince Vaughn will be playing a teenage girl, and Kathryn Newton will be playing…well, Vince Vaughn. Sold!

Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U were both wonderful surprises. The film took the time-loop concept popularized by Groundhog Day and created clever horror-comedy scenarios. Now, Happy Death Day director Chris Landon is moving on to another wild concept that has lots of potential. According to Deadline, Landon’s upcoming still-untitled Blumhouse body-swap thriller with this premise: “After swapping bodies with a deranged serial killer, a young girl in high school discovers she has less than 24 hours before the change becomes permanent.”

The prospect of seeing Vince Vaughn acting like Kathryn Newton and Newton acting like Vaughn is just too damn funny to ignore. No doubt this will lend itself to several memorable set pieces in which the killer inhabiting a teen girl’s body will have to fit in with that girl’s teen friends, and in which the teen girl inside the killer has to try to convince everyone she’s not who she appears to be.

Plot details beyond the body-swap aspect are still under wraps, but I can imagine the film starts off with Vaughn’s serial killer going after Newton’s character, and then they somehow switch bodies. Probably because of lightning – lightning always seems to cause weird problems like that in movies. Then again, there could be no explanation at all, which was the case with the time loop in the first Happy Death Day.

Landon co-wrote the script for the body-swap thriller with Michael Kennedy. Landon commented on the project via his Twitter:

Gory and batshit? This movie has everything! After the Death Day films, I’m all-in on whatever the hell Landon is about to create. That said, I still wish Blumhouse would let him make a third Happy Death Day film.

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