Casting Calls for Modeling – The Dos and Don’ts


Modeling is an interesting yet a very competitive career. This is why many agencies select models via a casting process as opposed to spotting someone on the streets or in a coffee shop. Models therefore have to go through casting calls in the modeling process. It is a tricky task and one must be prepared efficiently to meet with casting directors. Different production companies look for different models and different characteristics in a model. For this reason, it is wise to carry out an extensive research on a production company so as to learn of what the company expects from you. Additionally, there are dos and don’ts that you must observe when attending an audition.


It is very important to plan and prepare efficiently for the modeling casting call. Look for the best dress code and work on your confidence. Note that casting directors always look for an individual who is confident and well prepared to take up a particular role. In this relevance, your dress code should reflect the character you are auditioning for, to enhance your chances of getting an opportunity to feature in a particular program.

It is also imperative to be polite to those around you. This is especially when talking to receptionist or a casting director. A casting director may ask other production members on your character or seek extra opinions on you. If you create a positive impression, other production members will speak positively of you. Therefore, exercise self discipline in everything you and rest assured that you will fetch positive complements.

Planning is also a key factor to keep in mind when attending casting calls for modeling. You must have your portfolios in place because casting directors may need them for clarification purposes.


Avoid company to audition halls. When attending auditions for modeling, it is very important to go on your own. It shows that you are confident enough to face casting directors. Auditioning is like a job interview and you cannot enter an audition hall in the company of a friend or a family.

Avoid lateness. It is vital to be at the event early enough. Arriving late gives a negative impression and casting directors may not take you seriously. Being at the event on time speaks of professionalism, dedication and commitment and will give you a cutting edge against other competitors.

Additionally, it is wise to avoid conversations with others in the waiting room. This is because you can feed your mind with ideas that are very disruptive.


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