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    Regard Magazine featuring Rhea Seehorn

    Description: For our February 2014 Anniversary issue (available on App Store/ Google Play), we went behind the scenes with Rhea Seehorn, whom you may recognize from NBC's Whitney. She's now on AMC's Better Call Saul, the prequel to the very popular Breaking Bad. The story takes place 5 years prior to Breaking Bad, so you [...]
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    Making Movie Without Money on iBooks Store

    Description: This book has a difference in comparison to other books on cinema. With the help of digital technology, Making Movie Without Money shares with you all information necessary in order for you to make movies of quality comparable to professional works by utilizing practical and aesthetic solutions. So, how will that happen? How [...]
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    Whale – feature film (2010)

    Description: *Download available if playback is slow but please first consider purchasing from link below" To help support, please consider purchasing the DVD or watching on VOD: International Orders: _________________________________________________ (Note: Intended for Mature Audiences) Amir Motlagh presents his independent feature film debut, Whale. Synopsis: Cameron is a 29 year old Iranian [...]
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    ADW || Ninetyfour

    Description: In 1994 Kin Ho Cheung and Geronimo Tuhumena met in a small town called Leerdam in the Netherlands, they became friends at the age of four. They were inseparable until they had to go their separate ways. While they were apart they developed their own unique style. Today, they are still best friends. Two [...]
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    “Queen of Hearts”(Evita Perón) (Documentary)

    Description: Made for Thames Television, London UK was filmed in Argentina and Italy between October 1971 and February 1972. First aired in the UK on October 24th 1972 and then in several other European countries and the USA. In 1973 it won the "Best Network International " prize at the Chicago Film festival USA. This [...]
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    Fotograf Ulm: “First Time”

    Description: Fotograf Rod Meier, Ulm - - Fotoshooting im Fotostudio mit einem Fotomodell, dass zum ersten mal vor der Kamera stand. In dem rund 4-stündigen Fotoshooting hat sie gelernt auf was es bei den Posen ankommt, wie man in den Bildern gut rüber kommt und sich in Szene setzt. Die Bilder wurden hauptsächlich für [...]
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    What Good Actors Can Do with Good Scripts?

    Description: While acting can be learnt, it being more of a psychological matter better actors usually are those born with more emotional capabilities (emotional intelligence) besides their (general) intelligence. Consider, for example, the cases of such well-known living actors as Ben Kingsley, Nick Nolte, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Eccleston, Kate Winslet, etc. These actors, [...]
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    Tumbling Blocks

    Description: Designercafe is a unique kind of clothing store. At the Designercafe clothes are made by young professional fashion designers, you can combine combinations of clothes and let them custom made for you by those designers. People can also follow workshops at the Designercafe and learn how to make their own fashion. The HKU (Hogeschool [...]
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    Kevon Richardson Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot – Akima Lettsome

    Description: Behind The Scenes Footage of Kevon Richardson's Photo Shoot. With Model Akima Lettsome. Kevon is a Photographer that I have much respect for, so when he gave me the call and was like " Hey Blake i'm on the Island I got couple shoot's and I need you to shoot my Behind the Scenes" [...]
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