Disney must fire Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson from Lucasfilm

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I am a Civil Engineer by day, and a Star Wars nerd by night. I seek to one day become a screen writer for Lucasfilm.

Star Wars fans across the globe were greatly disappointed in the latest installment with Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Devoted fans do not like the direction it’s taking. It does not feel like a Star Wars film. Although the movie has great aesthetic appeal, Kathleen Kennedy and Ruin Johnson have created a travesty by destroying everything established in the previous seven episodes. They have zero respect for the legacy of the Star Wars universe, and they seek to dismantle everything just because it makes them feel good.

Therefore, we must give a vote of no confidence in Kathleen Kennedy’s and Rian Johnson’s leadership. They should be removed from Lucasfilm and not be allowed to make another Star Wars movie. They have created a toxic organization that rewards poor job performance and is not open to receiving new ideas. They have also never looked at the success of Rogue One, which is everything a Star Wars film should be.

Episode VIII is nothing more than lazy and poorly written fan fiction, and we cannot have something like this happen again. The fans want good old fashioned story telling with real character development. They want to know and understand the struggles the characters are going through and how they overcame them. They want no political correctness, no underlying political agenda, and no bullshit. George Lucas also needs to come back to Disney as a Creative Consultant. The Disney writers have proven they do not understand how Star Wars works or what it’s about. If Disney does not take heed of we are saying, then Star Wars must come to an end NOW. We will boycott and hit them where it hurts, which is in their bank account.

…because I went against established canon to suit my petty whims.

Make your voice heard. Sign the petition at to Robert A. Iger, Alan F. Horn, and Orin C. Smith to make sure a blight like this never happens again. The only vote that never counts is the one that’s never cast.

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