In the Midst of Famine

Usually when I write my articles, I try to tie in music with business or life, but not here. This “musing” is about what it really means to be an entrepreneur, about what you do when you are just starting off and all you see and feel is famine, and the feast is an eternity away.

I have chosen a hard life. I graduated 90th out of 98 in my high school class, I went into a major that would yield no lavish tangible rewards, dropped out of college and have struggled with money for the better part of my life. This is not a “pity me” paragraph, it is simply the truth and I make no excuses or apologies.

A couple of years ago, my attitude changed about how I dealt with people, money, and my career. I chose a much harder road than what society dictates on it’s blackboard of success….I chose to give first and reap the rewards later. So, at age 40, having lost my primary job, and going from a very low 5 figure income, I descended into a wage that I haven’t seen since I worked the Dairy Queen in high school. I know that my method was right; it eliminates the problems of “money” and allows individuals and groups to see what you can do without worrying about how they are going to pay you.

For a year, I gave my services, talents, and skills away and it has paid off in the “bread-n-butter” job that I have today, but like most people, I aspire to have a bit more than existence. I embarked on casting the networking net into the turbulent seas with the same idea in mind…to give of my skills, talents, and experiences for free with a hope of payoff in the future. One day, the net will drag in the many feasts of fishes, but right now, I’m on the boat, the nets are empty, and the sun is beating down hard upon my back.

What do you do when you know your methods, your talents, you skills will earn you the wealth you deserve; what do you do in the midst of your famine? It’s simple, you keep casting, even though you get a little burnt.

It’s easy for someone to say “never give up” when they’ve past the big hurtles, when they’ve won their particular race, but it’s a much different position when you are headed into the first turn. Money is tight, and the people that were cheering you one seem to fade into the woodwork of their particular world and you are left all alone with your dreams and goals and the talons of doubt dig into your seemingly narrow shoulders…but you keep pressing on.

I’m in that time right now and I can feel the whisper of doubt in my ear telling me to “give up” and feast on the meager morsels of accepted mediocrity, to swallow, and to be thankful for being a part of the herd. The tears of my particular suffering moment stream down my face while I look out at the long field that needs to be tilled. The seeds of my ideas weigh heavy upon my already burnt back…but I keep pressing on, cast my seeds, look ahead and wipe the tears from my eyes, for the dawn of tomorrow will yield a mighty crop.

Source by Robert Wimer

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