Make Money While Building Your Acting Career!

Contrary to popular belief you can be a performing artist and make livable compensation at the same time. almost all artist believe to their own detriment that they have to starve to be successful at their business . They are convinced that pain, suffering and despair are needed to produce great works of art. This may be true in some cases but I would like to attempt a competing idea that’s just as relevant.

How would your occupation progress if you had all the resources you needed to accomplish your highest goals. How much finer of an actor would you be if you had extensive time and money to dig into acting the way you see it? How many more appealing photographs could you take if you had the independence and equipment you needed to capture the essence of life the way you see it? And Finally, how much more dazzling of a picture could you paint if you had the resources to choose any canvas you desired in which to convey the real meaning of life as it is revealed through you.It is not the intention of this article to uproot the world’s reality out of your artistic clarification in exchange for commercial gain. Although it is important to abolish the belief that creativity equals debt.

Some of the world’s preeminent works of art and artistic performances have come from individuals who live outside the limits of poverty and survival. These individuals are still able to assemble together great works of art that entertain us all. Do you accept that living from a place of having security of the body, resources, health and property will stifle your creative nature? If so, I challenge you on that judgment. If you have been maintaining in survival mode steadily trying to make ends meet I challenge you to build a new view of the world where all your needs are met. A reality where you have all the time you need to take your craft to it outermost reaches.

After making that adjustment compare what it’s like to work from that exalted place of all your needs being met with living in the restricted place of toil and survival and decide which one you like best. If having piece of mind, security of body and more valuable relationships with friends and family are too difficult to bare then you can always go back to the struggle. You can be an performing artist or other type of artist and still have food on your table. Having all your essentials taken care of does not kill creativity.

You don’t have to fall into that old cliché of being a starving artist unless of course you want to. If you have never lived that place of glory where all your needs are met; If you’ve never been in that place where you were able to put forth the creativity in your soul without the restraints of being in survival mode; or if you’ve never had the wherewithal to relax and refresh your creative batteries the way you see fit then I propose try it out.

I commend you to explore what it’s like to have all your needs met while at the same time exposing the depths of your creative soul. If you like how it makes you feel then you can continue to advance from this point. If you need the struggle and tough experience that comes along with being in survival mode you can always recoil.

Source by Sidney Nicholas


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