What separates us from the others is we supply you the talent in-house.

No more outsourcing.

From conception to finished product you know how your production will look right down to the Actors and background Talent.

Working closely with creative agencies in  Toronto and abroad.

Take a look at our Roster; Skilled professional talent ranging from Performing Arts to Haute Couture.

If there is a look you’re going for, We have it. Ranging from ACTRA Union, Non union, International diverse Models, Special Skills and professional background.

Manifesting entertainment.

We are talent in its purest form. Our art is entertainment connectivity. Our talent and productions are more than just filler or background – they are trained professionals to reenact specifically what is in your mind.

Inspiration, creation, and execution.

As soon as we perceive your goal(s), we go to the drafting board, utilizing that inspiration to produce an entertainment theme that matches your model, your target message. Drafting Talent that fits this role perfectly.

Lastly, our well-trained crew of creative administrators, performers and employees execute for the production with finesse.

Don’t settle for talent that have been rehashed or does not follow a reflection of your envisioned message. Allow us to assist you to produce performances that can keep your audiences engaged.

How do we do it?

Gosh, artistic ideas.
All of it begins with discovering the precise inspiration. Understanding and turning what you envision incarnate.

The concept nobody else has considered, the idea no one dares try, We work closely with your production, not just by simply adding to it, all while not altering its originality. We enable you the power to decide the most effective expertise for your production, without taking time away from your other wants and needs. Of course once this is achieved, we develop the artistic floor plan specifically for your requirements.

We are the passionate integrated component in your entertainment production that isn’t often talked about.