Quick Poses for Models




Description: When I first started modeling, I used to search for videos on model’s secrets to posing in front of the camera. They were hard to find! There’s no doubt about it, nailing hundreds of usable poses in a matter of minutes takes some practice. Even now, after over 10 years in front of the camera, my model friends and I watch each other work in front of the camera and learn new tricks. Every model has their own way of doing it, but the end goal is the same. Nail as many usable photos in as little time as possible.

My trick is to imagine the shapes, movement and lines through the lens of the photographers’ camera. I have a little series of movements I go through on auto-pilot when shooting catalog, making sure there is enough variety for the client to choose. When a client has a specific vision and direction for their shoot, it’s important to study past images from ads and campaigns they particularly like. If you’re not sure, ask! Clients love when you care about their vision enough to ask before you get in front of the camera. If you have a clear plan for how to move and show the clothes before you get in front of the camera, you make everyone look good.

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