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Whether you are looking to land your first television role or an accomplished working actor, a polished perfect resume is a must. An actor’s resume is much different that the traditional resume found in the corporate world. Casting directors and agents will often not give a second glance to resumes that are not formatted according to industry standards. Increase your chances for getting called back by following these professional tips for actor and actress resumes.

List your name in large letters in the center top of your resume. Make sure to use the exact professional name you use in movies, television, radio or theater and not necessarily the name on your birth certificate. Underneath your name list the union you are officially affiliated with – Screen Actors Guild (SAG), The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), or American Equity Association (AEA). Under the union names you may list a contact phone number and your professional actor website if you have one. Keep it bold and simple.

Justified to the left, you will start a number of “sections” were you will list your acting credits, training and additional talents. The sections will include the following genres and the top three can be juggled around in order to fit the project you are applying for (for example, if you are trying out for a TV role, then move the “television” section to the top).






Special Skills

Under each of the top four sections you will list out each of your professional acting experiences in the following order across the page in columns: Project Title, Role (TV: co-star, guest star, recurring, regular. Film: lead or supporting, Theater: role name), Director’s name and title (for TV and Film) and theater name (for stage actors). Under the “Training” section you can list the school or company where you trained, listing any relevant classes and instructors. The “Special Skills” is your chance to name any skills and unusual talents such as belly dancer, stunt skills, gymnast or whatever you can do that will get you the job. If you have done commercial or modeling work, you can add as an italicized statement that these credits are “available upon request”.

Next, you will want to print up copies of your resume that are sized to attach to the back of your 8 x 10 headshot. Obviously, you’re going to need to keep resumes down to 1 page so that is fits neatly on the photo. Also, avoid listing your height, weight or age; if the casting staff wants these specific details they will ask you during the casting call. An exception to this rule is if you are a model or child actor and know that these personal details will work to your advantage.

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