Secrets to Becoming a Successful, Paid Actor

Do you know who hires actors? Producers hire actors. Producers hire and fire everybody. So, whom do you want to meet? Producers! Of course! Do you know what your job is? As an actor, your job is to bring life to the producer’s vision. You must understand that this is your job, so . . . Go to give, not to take!

Suppose an actor met up with a producer and said, “Mr. Stoller, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Your film ‘Undercover Angel’ really touched me. What a great gift it has been to so many people. And, ‘Miss Cast Away’ was one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen. You’ve brought a lot of joy to a lot of people, and I just wanted to say ‘Thank you.’ I’ve read about your upcoming project, ‘They Cage the Animals at Night’. The book is amazing. The film will undoubtedly win lots of awards and touch millions of people. It’s something that really needs to be told. . . If I could be of assistance to you in any way on that project, please don’t hesitate to ask. To be, in some small way, a part of the success of a Bryan Michael Stoller project, especially this one, would be wonderful. I really want to see the project come to life. Here’s my business card. Please let me know if I can help.”

I am sure that producer would remember you with good feelings. Here the actor complemented the producer, the actor was informed, sincere (yes be sincere, it cannot be lip service, be real because your ‘vibration’ will be what is felt more than your words) and positive. It was not all about YOU. It was about the producer and his work. One of the most important result-producing tools you have, when interacting with a potential employer (producer), is attitude. It’s not about talent or lack thereof. The wrong attitude is what kills the job for most people. Unfortunately, most actors believe that it’s all about them. It’s not! It’s about the project – that dream, that vision that the producer has been living for years. Either the producer perceives you to be someone who can help bring his or her dream to life on the screen – or you’re in the way. It’s as simple as that.

Here is a very different scenario. Imagine an saying to a producer, “Hey, hey, man. You’re a producer, right? Oh, boy, I really hope you’re different from all the others. None of those other jerks ever want to give me a break. Everything’s a ‘catch 22′. If you’re not related to the producers or sleeping with them, I guess you won’t ever get in their films. Hey, I’m an actor. You should hire me because I’m really good. Come, on, Man. Don’t be like those other jerks. You should give me a break and put me in your film. I studied, man. I paid my dues, so you should hire me. I sat through all those stupid workshops. I could use you, man. This film could launch my career. I’m going to be a big name someday, and you’ll be sorry if you don’t put me in your film.”

See the difference? The actor with the attitude “go to give, not to take’ is very rare – and we, the producers, hire those rare people. If I, as the producer, perceive you to be one of those rare actors with a professional attitude, do you think I want you in my project? You’d better believe I do. Absolutely, I want you as a part of my film!! It’s actors with good attitudes that make the projects work! I know so many directors and producers who say they would much rather hire someone with less talent but a good attitude than some ‘brilliantly talented’ actor they don’t know who may have a bad attitude and potentially cost the producer his or her project! Several of our producer friends have literally said they would hire acting coaches to help less-talented actors (with great attitudes) rather than work with someone whose attitude is bad!!

Some actors seem to be in this industry for their own self-aggrandizement, and they will destroy the producer’s product if they think it will make them look good. Now, if you go to give, to make that producer’s vision come to life on the screen, and if I, as the producer, perceive you as that rare, positive, giving actor, my gosh, do you think I don’t want you in my project? YES. I want YOU BIG TIME!!

Source by M Blood


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