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    Quick Poses for Models

        Description: When I first started modeling, I used to search for videos on model's secrets to posing in front of the camera. They were hard to find! There's no doubt about it, nailing hundreds of usable poses in a matter of minutes takes some practice. Even now, after over 10 years in front [...]
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    5 Tips for Parents Interested in Baby/Toddler Agency Representation – Acting and Modeling Industry

    First, some agencies vary in this, but I recommend getting industry-standard professional photography for your baby or toddler. Why? Because industry-standard professional pictures show the potential buyer or casting director exactly what your child will look like when shooting for their professional project. I do not recommend using portrait photography or snapshots as the sole [...]
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    Description: My business partner Ramon was telling me about an article in an email newslestter. In the story, Rod Evans was describing how he used a flip mounted to his camera's hot shoe to shoot video during his sessions. I thought it was a great idea and decided to head over to Best Buy the [...]
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    How to Become a Female Teen Model

    How To Become A Famous Teen Model: Almost all the dreams of a teenage girl are spinning around how she can become a famous model. Every young girl pictures herself on the front page of famous magazines, wearing all those beautiful clothes on the catwalk. But is actually possible for a little girl to achieve [...]
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    How To be a MODEL (In An On-line World)

    There was a time when being found as a model meant lining up at audition after audition waiting on your big break. Now, with the online playing host to modeling companies, model talent searches and on-line modeling communities, and professional photographers it has develop into a lot easier way for models to advertise themselves and get extra [...]
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    Models, Modeling Agencies, and Measurements

    In the modeling industry, it is vital that you take the time to accurately determine ALL of your measurements. There is a proper method to this, but looking down at your chest, shrugging, and giving it your best guess is not it. In addition to determining your measurements, it is equally important to RECORD your [...]
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    Understanding the Acting Industry

    If you're an aspiring actor or simply need to be well-known, then discovering some good performing agencies is important to your success. While many of these organizations are simply smaller start up businesses, there are dozens or maybe tons of respected businesses which have been in the acting field business for a few years. Most [...]
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    How To Put Collectively A Casting For You And Your Little One

    On this present age, information is getting delivered at a really high-speed in flip boosting the promoting commerce. This has opened many options for promoting and plenty of firms and companies are looking for human assets. This has elevated the demand for every grownup and youngsters casts on commercials and the media that is geared to promote. #Child [...]
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    Enterprise Print Modeling Vs Editorial Print Modeling

      When you assume or hear of the phrase "business" concerning the #modeling enterprise, there are a selection of variations of the which suggests, nevertheless in most likely probably the most smart kind referring to "#print" photos take into account the phrase "promote". The model's job is to be photographed "promoting" a companies or merchandise [...]
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