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    Authentic The BEATLES Paul McCartney Hair Locket w Towel Piece Autograph Certified Signed COA

    buy now $145.00 [ad_1] This museum quality piece measures 8″ x 10″ in size and is highlighted by an authentic strands of Paul McCartneys hair and towel piece. This item includes extensive paperwork documenting the history and provenance of the artifact The item is a custom matted elaborately “short lock”of Paul McCartney’s hair, comprising of […] More

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    Writing Fiction – Getting a Killer Opening Line

    [ad_1] Starting writing is like casting a hook into a river. The opening line is probably the single most important sentence you are going to write in your piece. Over the years writers have spent large chunks of their creative time getting the “right” start, the one that will draw readers in and make them […] More

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    Anorexic Models?

    [ad_1] I received the following question from a young reader: Models have often been called anorexic etc. Do you think that the stress of the job encourages an eating disorder? Well, I don’t think its the stress so much as the actual requirements of the job and the expectations of the public. Also, in the […] More