THE ULTIMATE SCHMOEDOWN: The Beast v The Commissioner. +UnderCard.

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Marc “The Android” Andreyko v “The Mad Hatter” John Humphries

The Android v The Mad Hatter.


-Both competitors came out firing… not. The only highlight of the round was Marks’ jokes on how many questions the two got wrong.

Android: 02 points

Mad Hatter: 01 points


-Andreyko lands on Crime movies but re-spins onto 90s movies and gets all of them right. John Humphries lands on Fantasy/Sci-fi twice and doesn’t do so well only scoring 5 points while Andreyko steals one point.

Android: 10pts

Mad Hatter: 06pts


-Mad Hatter had to answer all his questions right to take Android to the end, but he got the last questions wrong and, as Dagnino predicted, Andreyko didn’t even get to

Android: 11pts

Mad Hatter: 08pts


Marc ‘The Android’ Andreyko wins by TKO KNOCKOUT.

Best Bits/Developments:

• Mark: “my advice to John Humphreys is be the star you are, the other three keep the masks on”

• Andreyko on the low scoring first round: “All that good will from the free-for-all…gone.”

• Isn’t the answer to the last question Nacho Libre? No. just me?

• Dagnino, Andreykos manager, says The Android will take on the winner of Brianne Chandler and Mike Kalinowski.

• Cobbster is no longer the manager of the Young Bucks and now R-B3 is now the manager.


Kristian “The Commissioner” Harloff v William “The Beast” Bibbiani.

The Commissioner v The Beast
The Commissioner v The Beast

INCENTIVE: Winner to challenge Schneider at the Collider Collision for possible title shot in future.


-Bibbiani gets a perfect round scoring all the points available and scores a bonus question and gets the question wrong.

Beast: 08points

Commissioner: 05points


-Bibbiani goes first and spins the category of Sly and Arnie, but doesn’t take it because its a strength of his opponents, but lands on the category of Comedy’s and gets a perfect round scoring all points available again. Harloff lands on Scores and Soundtracks and also scores a perfect score.

Beast: 16pts

Commissioner: 13pts


-Kristian gets all his questions right because he chose numbers that all have categories that are his strengths (hmmm). Bibbiani doesn’t get two questions right and there we have it.

Beast: 18pts

Commissioner: 23pts


Kristian Harloff wins by being taken the distance, and although he wins he loses his TKO streak.

The Best Bits/Development:

• Bibbianis message to Harloff: “Growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl” beautiful.

• Mark on Harloff: “I would’ve been the godfather to his daughter if it wasn’t for my prior record”.

• Booker T picks Harloff to win.

• Classic banter between Ellis and Napzok.

• Napzok: “That one even impressed me, and Harloff never impresses me”

• Schneider: “You slayed the Beast and I whacked the Godfather”.

• Beast loses even though he got perfect scores on ROUND 1 and ROUND 2.

• Some manufactured tension comes up in the Four Horsemen, a little pushed tbh but I can’t wait to see Bibbiani v Rocha, Kristian you tease!!

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