Thirty Second Monologues Can Get You Where You Want to Be

Actors, stop your whining and work those ruby red slippers. The scene is the venue chosen for auditions for a production you’d give your eye teeth to be a part of. The foyer is packed with actors in line, signing up with their bios and their head shots, names,  dates, phone numbers, times of availability and the list goes on and time is ticking away. They are casting for the Ten by Ten–an evening of ten short plays and the competition is fierce. Let’s get on with it. You go into the theatre in blocks of eight or ten and sit where you are told to sit if you are auditioning.

You know that you will have a thirty second audition and you don’t like it. Surely they will want to see and hear more of you. No. They do not. The artistic director announces to the directors that thirty seconds is long enough for them to see how you walk, talk and project. That’s all she wants to know. And she can tell in thirty seconds. So don’t whine about it. Think about it. Could it be that she is right? The chosen ones from these auditions will be asked to return to read from the chosen scripts. So if you are very good for thirty seconds, your time will come. The point is–be the best you can be in thirty seconds and you will have your foot in the door and your life will be happy. Some day you may be a star.

Remember. Walk, talk, project. Don’t leave your self confidence behind on this one. Walk out with it written all over you.   Practice that confident walk-out when you are called. Now. Good. Have you complete confidence that the thirty second monologue that you have chosen is the one that makes you shine? Do you love and are you good at comedy? Or is it drama that is your forte? I’m sure you have chosen well. One actress purposely threw herself to the floor immediately on her walk-out and I can tell you, she got my attention. The thing is, I didn’t pay much attention to her dialogue, so if you want attention, do it well. Two of the male actors did the same God monologue. One was free standing as he moved and fantastic, the other wrapped his crossed arms around his shoulders, head down and delivered a powerful piece. The thing is, they were not complete monologues when “time” was called on them.

Look over your choices and choose well. I hope your name will be on the list for further reading.  I hope you get cast, and I hope your thirty second monologue is one that you deserve.

Source by Dee Cliburn

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