You can make quick PayPal payments here. Any funds left over/short will carry over to your next pay stub.

Quick Credits

Credits will carry over


All e-transfers and paperwork must be emailed to

Please email your paperwork / voucher copies at the same time you send your email money transfer to the email above.
Emailed copies of your paperwork should be clear and right side up.
Make your password BGR or BGRBGR.
Please note: If there are errors on your mailed-in commissions or e-transfers and we need to have correspondence with you a $10 Administrative fee will apply.
Cheques sent to Union Members directly are due within 14 days of receipt or a 15% late fee will also apply.

Mailed in cheques and e-transfers, must include a copy of the upper most top portion of your pay stub, and/or your blue/pink voucher.

When coming to our offices to pay commissions please remember you must also bring a copy of your pay stub and/or blue/pink voucher.