07e6f0a469136b75479e5f8f40248528_400x275NEW REQUIREMENT FOR ALL BACKGROUND PERFORMERS

You will have to complete the Worker Health and Safety Awareness test to obtain a certificate and maintain a copy to work. You will need to bring this  this certificate with you each time you go to a new set.

Many keep a PDF or photo of this document on their smart device to have ready to fax or email.  BGR will NOT have these documents on file for you. Failure to produce these items could result in  you being sent home.

Click HERE for training for WORKERS Only.

In the event a performer is not able to do the online training they can carry the booklet with them, as proof that they have completed that health and safety awareness module.


1) Residency forms.

As you are aware, production is diligent about getting completed residency forms before releasing cheques to performers. Performers must arrive to set with the proper information in hand. This means that a performer must either bring their driver’s license (we do not require a copy of the license, just the license#) OR they bring a PHOTO COPY of an item such as a bank statement or utility bill – something that has their address on it. A health card is not sufficient.

2) Ministry of Labour.

As of July 1st a hard copy of certification of the Online Safety Course through the Ministry of Labour is required to work in Ontario. This is law – this is not optional. Production wants a copy of this certification from every employee, including BG performers.

You will need to print out copies of this and give a copy each and everytime you work on a new set.  You should also keep a picture of this on your phone as a back up for you to be able to email it to production if needed.  The agency will not be responsible for emailing this paperwork.  Again if you do not have these copies you could be sent home.

Be advised BGRated can keep these documents on file for you in case an original is lost or destroyed.